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Bridging Ministries and Brands with Digital Strategy and Customer Acquisition Know-How

Digital Strategist

As a digital strategist with expertise in both ministry and branding, I specialize in helping ministries and brands navigate the complexities of the digital world.


Data-Driven Approaches

I believe that the intersection of ministry and branding offers a unique opportunity for organizations to make a meaningful difference in the world, and I’m committed to helping my clients achieve that goal through strategic, data-driven approaches.


As a leader in the making, this book will help you allow God to style your life, tailor-made to fit your personal passions and interests, versus falling into the course that everyone else expects you to follow. In Tailored Dreams, I use anecdotes and biblical examples to challenge you, and young leaders everywhere, to break free from crowds, identify and embrace your differences, and live a life steeped in God’s will.


Market Research and Analysis

Get comprehensive market research to identify the target audience, competitors, and industry trends for informed decision-making and successful product launches.

Product Development Strategy

Work with us for a tailored product development strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring efficient resource allocation and effective execution of new product ideas.

Branding and Positioning

Create a compelling brand identity and positioning strategy to differentiate your product in the market, establish a strong brand presence, and attract target customers.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Benefit from a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that encompasses product launch planning, pricing, distribution channels, marketing campaigns, and sales enablement for a successful market entry.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Develop a results-driven digital marketing and social media strategy to maximize brand visibility, engage with target customers, and generate buzz around your product launch or pivot.

Strategic Business Pivot Planning

We help businesses navigate through market changes or disruptive events by providing strategic planning and execution guidance to pivot their products and business models successfully.

About Daniel Christian Bradley & Associates

Dan has over 15 years experience in ministry community organizing, Branding, Digital Marketing strategies and social activism. He is an agent for societal change and believes that tech is the great equalizer, and that creating new avenues for the next generation of Digitalprenuers to transform dreams into sustainable digital services and products.

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His love for media, and arts has developed a passion for creating platforms for budding writers, performers, artists and content creators to both establish and amplify their voices. As a digital strategist with expertise in both ministry and branding, he specializes in helping ministries and brands navigate the complexities of the digital world. With a proven track record in digital strategy and customer acquisition know-how, DCB and Associates help organizations maximize their impact online, reach their target audience, and achieve their goals. Whether it’s crafting a winning digital strategy, developing creative content, or implementing effective digital marketing tactics, I’m passionate about helping ministries and brands thrive in the digital age.

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